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We were awarded 5 stars from Sandwell Environment Health for our food Hygiene in July 2018.

Catering Provider

​Our Meals are provided by the catering company 'Mellors Catering'. They provide us with a three week menu that meets all children's dietary needs. These meals are nutritional and healthy and change termly. Please click the PDF link above to view the menus. 

During the day we provide the following:

Breakfast: This consists of a variety of cereals. This is served from 8.00 am until 8.30 am.

Snacks: We have two snack bar sessions per day, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Children have a variety of fruits, vegetables, crackers, breadsticks and yoghurt.

Preschool Lunch: At 11:15am the Preschool children and Wrap-Around children are taken up to Old Park Primary School's Dining Hall and are served a Main meal and a Pudding. Children sit together with staff and this allows our older children to become familiar with the School environment, learn basic skills like using a knife and fork, using good table manners and gives them the opportunity to socialise with one another.

Lunch: A main meal and pudding is served at 11.45am. Children sit together with staff at the table. This provides an opportunity for the children to practice using a knife and fork and using their good manners.

Tea: We provide a high tea at 4:30pm. Please note that this is not in place of an evening meal.

Dietary requirements

It is vitally important that you make us aware of any dietary requirements during your settling in sessions and update us if there are any changes.

Early Years Nutrition Partnership

In January we will be working in partnership with the Early Years Nutrition programme for a year. ​This will help us as a setting to evaluate and improve our quality of meals and experiences we provide for the children.